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Fallible Ideas Bundle

Elliot Temple
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This bundle includes 18 products that I used to sell individually. They're mostly video or audio:

  • Behind the Scenes: How I Make Videos
  • Screencasts: Philosophy Emails – July 2018
  • Video: Thoughts on Tolerance and Hostility
  • Videos: Reading The Dream of Reason
  • Writing Philosophy Emails - April 2018 #1
  • Writing Philosophy Emails - April 2018 #2
  • Notes on Leonard Peikoff's Philosophy of Education Course
  • Notes on Leonard Peikoff's Grammar Course
  • Podcast: Liberalism and More – with Justin Mallone
  • Podcast: What To Read – with Alan Forrester
  • Podcast: What To Read – with Justin Mallone
  • Podcast: Getting Your Life and Thinking In Order
  • Podcast: Children Should Make Decisions
  • Podcast: Helping Children Become Independent
  • Video: Reading Hard Passages – Examples from Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics
  • Video: Elliot's Thoughts on Pricing
  • Videos: Behind The Scenes: Philosophy Writing
  • Fallible Ideas Extras - Essays & slide presentations on several topics

Total videos: 27

Total hours of video: Around 35 hours

Total audio files: 9

Total hours of audio: 13.8 hours

You'll need around 30 gigabytes of disk space.

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Fallible Ideas Bundle

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